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About Us...

       We are a family owned and operated facility specializing in restoration, custom work, repair, parts and car sales since 1978. That's over 35 years of selling and maintaining Corvettes from daily drivers to award winning show cars and auction record breakers. Now, with the recent addition of a Dynojet, we can exceed all of your Corvette needs when it comes to tuning too.

       Our secret to staying successful in such a competitive market isn't just our knowledge and experience. Since day one, we have strived to provide the best service in both performance and paint/bodywork. We're car people, so we know how your Corvette is like part of the family. This is why we never cut corners and we always tell our customers exactly what's what when it comes to their vehicles. 


History With Callaway


       We have a long standing relationship with Callaway and have worked with them and their Corvettes for over 25 years. It all started in the late 1980's when Corvette Center was the premier installer of all custom Callaway Aerobodies. In the following years we very successfully did the custom bodywork and paint for all twelve of the Callaway Speedsters produced. Later, when Dale Earnhardt Jr. wanted a C-12, but the only one available was Callaway's own test mule, Corvette Center was the shop that got that car into shape via extensive bodywork, maintenance and tuning. It's safe to say, we know Callaways!

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