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Past Projects

Resto-mods, Nut & Bolt Restorations and more

With a long history in the business we have had many L88s at the shop, Here are various L88s at the shop for mechanical repairs, body repairs, at different stages of restoration and service. We have helped customer prep these vehicles to be brought to auction, along with full restorations.

Callaway's at the shop

We are an authorized Callway repair shop. We service all year Callways and have been a Callaway repair facility since the 90s. We have a long history with Callaway starting with the bodywork and painting of the original speedsters. We can help with all 80s, 90s twin turbo C4s and supernatural 450 engines. Servicing the only 1996 Callaway Grand Sport. As well as any other mechanical needs or body repairs. 

1963 Z06

Brought in not running, needed to have the fuel injection completely restored. Found to have been running the wrong cam for said unit. Also needed to have its heavy duty breaks gone through and repaired.

Vintage L88
Race Car & Others

Here is an example of a L88 that has been racing for over 40 years, brought into the shop for body repairs after being involved in a  collision at the race track.  Along with prepping many cars for the track.  Such as C4 Challenge cars, C6rs and so on.

Split Personality

This unique resto-mod is owned by Richard Lagasse. In this project we completed the extensive body modifications, as well as the painting the body,  the frame, driveline, and under body. As well as custom fabrication to Riddler show quality.  It features a completely custom chassis built to accomodate a fully modernized suspension system and an LS7 drivetrain. It was entered in the Detoit Autorama and received First-in-Class, Outstanding Paint and Outstanding Sportscar awards in the Ridler Cometition. Since then, it set a record at Mecum Auctions and has been in Corvette Fever Magazine. 

1965 Custom Convertible

Here's another resto-mod project we did with a sting ray convertible. We started with a banged up '65 convertible and when we were finished, the customer had a one of a kind hot rod. We pulled out all the stops with a custom fiberglass front splitter and we grafted C5 deck lid seat humps onto the origonal lid. Aside from the extensive body work, the paint was done to a flawless glass-like finish. The car has a full stainless steel frame (not fabbed by us) with a totally modern LS-7 and coilover suspension too. 

1963 Yenko Corvette

This unique 1963 was driven by none other than Don Yenko himself and we got to restore it! It had been through a lot in it's day as a race car. It started as a white Big Tank Z06  and was wrecked in an endurance race at Daytona. Some time after that it was converted to a grand sport and modified to have a big block motor. When we got a hold of it, much later in 2006, it was a stripped down body and a heap parts. Through a ton of mechanical and body work, we were able to take this car to better than racing condition.

1972 ZR-1

This is a very rare 1972 ZR-1 that we did a full nut and bolt restoration on. Eveything on this car was perfectly restored to factory specifications. No detail was over looked on this one! From the directions of the paint drips on dipped parts like the gas tank straps to the texture of the body's paint which was done in a technique so that it's texture would imitate the laquor paint used in the 70's. 

1957 Convertible

This car came in looking halfway decent to the untrained eye.  When the paint was stripped, it became obvious to everyone, however, that every panel on it had very poor body work done to it.  We ended up completely disassembling the body and doing an insane amount of body work and panel replacement on this car. The mechanically fuel injected small block was gone through from top to bottom as well. When we were finished, this 1957 was better than the day it rolled off the showroom floor!

1962 Convertible

This car had been sitting in a garage for almost 30 years before we got our hands on it. It was almost completely in original condition accept for one or two minor accidents it had been in. Mechanically the car was completely inspected and put back into like-new running order. Cosmetically, the paint and interior were completely stripped and redone. Sections of panels were replaced and the car was repainted. Pitted parts was rechromed and anything that could be polished up was put back on the car. 

1953 Corvette #14

This is one of our favorites simply because of the historical significance of the car. This is the 14th Corvette ever produced and one of the first sold to the general public. It wasn't an over-the-top custom job or anything. The car had been very well maintained throughout it's life, but it did need a fresh coat of paint.  We stripped it down to bare fiberglass, did some very minor body work, gave it a thick coat of a fiberglass epoxy sealer called Duratec, primed and painted her. The customer was very happy with how it turned out and so were we!

1966 Convertible

This car came to us in rough condition to say the least. Half the vehicle came to us in a pickup truck bed so it was a good thing that the customer wanted a full frame-off restoration. After complete disassembly of the vehicle, we went ahead and completed major body work as well as a total overhaul of all the mechanicals. When all was said and done, this convertible was a real beauty. 

1962 Fuelie

Even though this car was one of our less extreme projects (just a repaint), we had to put it up here because it came out so nice! Not to mention the fact that it's a mechanical fuel injected car and that's just cool.

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